Erdoğan’s Israeli pipeline message: Best route via Türkiye to Europe

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke with reporters covering his day trip to Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan, where …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • The argument that Israel does not need to normalize its relations with Turkey, too, is quite weak. The Abraham Accords may have strengthened Tel Aviv’s hand, but a fresh nuclear deal between the United States and Iran stands to change the regional balance of power anew. In this sense, Israel would not want to be the last country to pursue normalization with Turkey.

  • This critically important book includes chapters both contextualizing and discussing the U.S. administration’s Jerusalem declaration in great detail. Various sections authored by American, Latin American, European, and Turkish authors examine the international responses to the U.S. President Trump’s declaration.

  • In a historic visit by the Turkish PM to Iraq, the two governments emphasized mutual respect for one another's territorial integrity and national sovereignty, cooperation to fight against terror and non-state actors. This rapprochement between Turkey and Iraq will consolidate the Iraqi return to a national and independent foreign policy

  • The Turkish-Israeli agreement, which is a historical step for the region that has reached a dead end, brings many vital projects to better Gazans' lives

  • The doctrines of President George W. Bush and Obama made long-term uncertainty innate to the region, which would change the security and alliance structures of the Middle East. But how?