Türkiye and the West: A posteriori positive-sum ballad

With the manifestation of the national will evident, it is now time for Türkiye and the West to reframe the post-election concordance path, create a new road map, resume economic cooperation and revisit the political common ground. The approach should focus on a renewed consensus on economic and political collaborations. They will undoubtedly be better off with more cooperation, rather than competition or just a loose liaison. The political (even ideological) differences should not cloud coherence, the ability to cooperate, and post-ballot collaboration.

Türkiye and the West A posteriori positive-sum ballad
How will Türkiye mitigate nominal volatilities

How will Türkiye mitigate nominal volatilities?

The most common question on most minds nowadays would probably be the concern regarding how Türkiye is planning to bring inflation down and prop up the Turkish lira. Furthermore, why won’t policymakers raise interest rates like the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) or the European Central Bank (ECB)?


Just to recapitulate an essential point: Although the entire economic outlook is not dire, nominal variables are challenging in Türkiye. Nevertheless, unemployment, growth rate, industrial production, export and fiscal budget balances are usually positive.

2022 will be remembered as the year of uncertainties due to a global tightening cycle and a major war in Ukraine. But on the other hand, the new banking quake in the United States and Europe also offers further warnings regarding the chronic problems and risks associated with the conventional financial system.

Minimum wage debates have even turned into a rather ideological debate all over the world