Re-Defining Türkiye’s International Relations: Two Decades of 360° Foreign Policies

Introduction   Should the public have a say in, or at least an interest in, …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • The ongoing reform efforts have made some modest achievements but have so far failed on major issues, such as reforming the Security Council in terms of membership and voting. Türkiye feels obliged to participate in discussions and contribute to reform efforts and proposals toward better global governance.

  • The world may not be ready for the new paradigm in diplomacy proposed by Erdoğan, but it needs to be to ensure a better future

  • Washington’s perspective on Ankara is no longer plagued by excessive tensions either. It would seem that the Afghanistan talks and Turkey’s efforts to normalize ties with Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) made a positive impact on the atmosphere. Yet the state of idleness and deadlock, which Erdoğan mentioned, won’t change in the absence of fresh attempts to foster bilateral cooperation.

  • Erdoğan’s call for justice is addressed to all of humanity. His emphasis on values in this chaotic universe of vested interests attests to that fact.

  • Today, the winds of victory are blowing toward Ankara in the world of diplomacy. Many states that marginalized the country for years have seen, especially after the NATO Summit, its long-term power has accumulated