Akşener’s uphill battle and the ‘process’ passion of table for six

The Good Party (IP) hosted the 11th “table for six” meeting on Thursday, where six …
  • Ahead of the May 2023 elections in Türkiye, the Western media launched a campaign to “unite the opposition to get rid of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.” In recent months, anti-Turkish and anti-Erdoğan articles have appeared more and more frequently in United States and European publications.
  • The 2023 elections in Türkiye, which the international media describe as “the world’s most important election,” have substantial symbolic value by taking place at the beginning of the republic’s second century. All the campaigns focus on which political system, vision and leader will bring Türkiye into the next century.
  • What is the background and significance of the Turkish foreign minister’s visit to Washington? What are the differences and similarities between the two countries’ Ukraine policies? Will the U.S. sell F-16s to Türkiye? What is Türkiye’s position on Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership? What is Washington’s view on Türkiye’s engagement with the Syrian regime?

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