Analysis: Turkey’s Air Defense Agenda | A Challenging Path

The issue of the S-400s has turned out to be a turning point between the …
  • Its geographic location as a bridge between East and West and its geopolitical significance made Turkey, particularly Istanbul, attractive for Bond movies. During the Cold War, as one of the most critical cities that absorbed the stress and tension of the rivalry between the Soviet Union and the U.S., the backdrop of Istanbul made the jobs of the producers of the popular culture films easier. This status of Istanbul continued following the end of the Cold War.
  • Until a few weeks ago, analysts and observers of Turkish-American relations projected that the most significant issues in bilateral relations for the year 2019 would be the S-400 and the divergence of interests and strategies in Syria..
  • The U.S.' withdrawal from Syria is a significant step that will influence the future of the Syrian crisis.

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