Compulsion of Turkish opposition to nominate multiple candidates

Distribution of parliamentary seats could encourage various players to work closer together, and the opposition fielding multiple candidates would actually benefit the People’s Alliance

Compulsion of Turkish opposition to nominate multiple candidates
Turkish-US relations today Turbulent or stable

Turkish-US relations today: Turbulent or stable?

Though Türkiye wants the U.S. to reconsider relations within the framework of new global power balances, the Biden administration aims to maintain the longtime hierarchical ties


The organizers of the gatherings in Istanbul's Saraçhane tapped into President Erdoğan’s past experiences, including his 1998 ban from politics and subsequent struggle, to write 'the Imamoğlu story,' but the real question is: Can Imamoğlu write his own story?

There is no doubt that Türkiye has assumed the most influential role in the international arena since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. That role has two aspects. First, the Turks managed to take one of the few positive steps amid the Ukraine crisis by facilitating the grain deal and a prisoner exchange. Indeed, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s diplomatic achievements attracted plenty of global attention in 2022. Secondly, Türkiye made attempts at conflict resolution whilst seizing geopolitical opportunities created by the Ukraine crisis better than any other country.

A Turkish court sentenced Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Imamoğlu to two years and seven months in prison for insulting members of the Supreme Electoral Board. The ruling won’t be final unless the second instance court and the Supreme Court of Appeals uphold it. Since either court could disagree with the verdict, Imamoğlu’s prison sentence and ban from politics are not in effect.

In a world of great power competition and uncertainty, President Erdoğan asking for support 'one last time' is a message that would catch the electorate’s attention

Has the world long forgotten the Libyan crisis?

Sooner or later, Western countries will be forced to follow different and maybe conflicting policies regarding the Libyan crisis

Has the world long forgotten the Libyan crisis
Türkiye s upcoming moves amid transforming region geopolitical risks

Türkiye’s upcoming moves amid transforming region, geopolitical risks

The recently-improved capacity of Türkiye’s defense industry and the country’s active policies will play an important role in the search for a new security architecture


The budget talks at Parliament have been so intense that they overshadowed the rivalry between the government and the opposition’s vision documents. Speaking at Parliament, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Chairperson Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu escalated tensions, leading to a fist fight among parliamentarians.

Experts discussed ongoing Russia's war in Ukraine and shared their expectations over the course of the war as part of a session of the Turkish national broadcaster TRT's World Forum on Saturday.

Türkiye has developed 'significant capabilities' to solve conflicts surrounding country, says general coordinator of Ankara based-think tank SETA

The presentations could not clarify how the CHP leadership intended to bridge the gap between neoliberal policies and popular recommendations, and amounted to fragmented peeks into its vision. In other words, it seemed like 'a cocktail'

CHP head Kılıçdaroğlu revealed the main opposition’s development plan. Ahead of that announcement, he raised expectations by claiming that he would 'unveil a vision to end the crisis forever'

Türkiye has been following a multilayered policy toward the African continent

The 'table for six' made a proposal that threatens to create a fragmented system of political parties, fuel conflict within the executive branch, start a tug-of-war between the executive and legislative branches, and usher in a period of coalition governments

As the Western-dominated liberal world order gives way to multipolarity, the opposition seems to think romantically about the possibility of aligning with this past reality

It is now being discussed that the Scots can declare their independence unilaterally despite the fact that the approval of the U.K. Parliament is a mandatory requirement before Scotland is allowed to have a referendum

Western media outlets and politicians have been trying to discredit Qatar through biased and fabricated claims

President Erdoğan has been working on 2 projects at once as he asserts that Türkiye would undertake a ground campaign against the terrorist groups in northern Syria 'at the most appropriate time' and that he may meet Syria's Bashar Assad 'under the right conditions'

President Erdoğan’s handshake with Egypt's el-Sissi eliminated a symbolic obstacle; yet, intelligence services and diplomats will have to engage in additional diplomatic contact to further the normalization process between Ankara and Cairo

'Türkiye’s answer (to terrorism) will not be limited to just an air operation,' President Erdoğan clearly explains