The Euro Area Crisis and Turkey in the First Half of 2012

In contrast to the weaker European economies, neighboring Turkey has managed to recover fast and exhibit positive signs that the economy is moving towards more sustainable growth rates while dealing with domestic vulnerabilities.

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • SETA PANEL Moderator: Taha Özhan, SETA President Speakers: Müjge Küçükkeleş, SETA, Research Assistant Talip Küçükcan, Director, SETA Foreign Policy Research Egemen Bağış, Minister of EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator  Date/Time: May 10, 2012, THURSDAY 11:00-12:30  Venue: SETA Ankara room, ANKARA

  • The worry is not about the possibility of a war breaking out; it is about the hope of building a new regional order in the near future fading away.

  • The “New Egypt” will be shaped to a great extent by a “negotiation” process between the army and the political actors in opposition. It is likely that Egypt’s transition to democracy will be a long and difficult process.

  • In the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the strategy that regional forces adopt will determine the future of the occupation in Iraq.

  • Turkey is so involved in developments in the Middle East that it cannot be a mere spectator to what is currently taking place.