One step away from World War III

Speaking for the first time after Sunday’s presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to a …
  • In an opinion piece published in The Washington Post, a call was made for the United States to start discussing the truth about Israel's nuclear capacity. The piece, signed by expert names in the issue of nuclear weapon proliferation, notes that American government officials have been following a policy of denying Israel's nuclear weapons' existence due to a secret presidential order in effect for 60 years. Experts argue that this policy has become increasingly meaningless, especially as Israeli politicians are making nuclear weapon use threats in Gaza, and it impedes America's ability to effectively handle regional conflict scenarios. While this kind of call is not new, such debates indicate a changing perception of Israel within the American public and a questioning of America's Israel policy.
  • The nuclear showdown between Russia and the West deepened concerns around the world.
  • In the event of major crises, world wars – horrible tragedies that devastated mankind – inevitably come to mind.

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