Mosul after DAESH Internal and Regional Dynamics

The Mosul Operation will have far-reaching consequences for Iraq and the Middle East. This paper …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • How has the rebellion against the Maliki administration in Iraq started? Who are the Sunni groups other than ISIS fighting in the field? What is the ultimate goal of these groups?

  • No need to say that this will create a substantial additional bill for energy-dependent countries like Turkey, and multi-pronged strategies shall be prepared beforehand to ensure energy security.

  • It will again depend on the Maliki administration to turn this situation to its advantage. Changing track and following a more inclusive policy and an attempt to win hearts and minds of people in Iraq will be his best chance to stay in power.

  • The difficulty with dealing with ISIS is also partly because of its demographics which has a lot to do with the use of multiple strategies.

  • Anti-democratic, authoritarian pro-Western regimes hindered political participation and representation to create a hospitable environment for radical organizations.