Gamble with Russia: NATO enlargement and North Macedonia

It is no secret that NATO has embraced an enlargement policy since its establishment in …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • The demonstrations in various Macedonian cities mobilized Albanians as a Macedonian court sentenced six Albanians to life in prison for the murder of five Macedonians despite a lack of concrete evidence.

  • The excitement Turkey generates in the Arab world and beyond (the Balkans, Europe and parts of Africa can easily be added to the list) seems to be sustained by the confluence of substantial changes in three areas: Turkey, the region and the world.

  • The debate over Islam and democracy continues to gain momentum. As the state of democracy in Muslim countries has become a global debate, scores of people from academics, journalists and TV commentators to policy makers and NGOs are discussing the relationship between Islam and democratic values. Numerous meetings, panels, conferences, workshops are held to assess the state of democracy, civil society and human rights in the Muslim world