The debate on lifestyle in Türkiye

The arrest of a singer over her hateful and discriminatory remarks targeting the graduates of …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. The two avalanches in the eastern province of Van and a major earthquake in the western province of Izmir aside, the COVID-19 pandemic altered our lives so remarkably that we could not adapt to the “new normal” – embodied by face masks and social distancing. We could not even mourn those who lost their lives. As the vaccine against the coronavirus becomes more widely available, we dream of reuniting with our friends and loved ones.

  • Hardly anyone in Turkey thought they would bid farewell to 2020 amid a fresh controversy surrounding the Islamic headscarf.

  • It's fair to say the world is more than fixated on the COVID-19 outbreak. The fear of illness unites us all. We are watching the virus spread and adapting our daily lives by taking precautions accordingly. Society’s current concern over contracting the disease is unlike that of any previous security concern

  • Youth Welfare Office should consider cultural differences before putting children under protection, says SETA researcher

  • Last week, once again since 2004 there were rumors about a potential reunion of the characters from the TV show 'Friends' to produce a show together. This it seemed more serious than before as it seemed the characters had agreed to be part of such a project. Even the rumor itself excited the fanbase of the series. On social media Jennifer Aniston's Instagram picture of the six characters together continued this excitement. Of course the realization of such a project is yet to be seen.