Libya | A tale of two prime ministers

While Dbeibah is motivated to go to elections this year to get out of this impasse, international community’s preoccupation with the war in Ukraine renders Libya elections less of a priority for international diplomacy.

Libya A tale of two prime ministers
Libya s difficult path to political stability

Libya’s difficult path to political stability

All actors that want a democratic political system in Libya must bridge their differences and focus on strengthening the legitimacy of the election process


The United Nations-led Libya Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) voted to appoint an interim government for Libya on Feb. 5. Members from conflicting parties and the representatives of key groups in Libya had been discussing their country's political future under the LPDF since the beginning of November 2020.

This issue of Insight Turkey focuses on underscoring both promises of internal reconstruction and challenges fueled by different external actors intervening in the Libyan crisis.

Crisis at critical turning point, says head of UN Support Mission in Libya