Beyond Turkey: Why July 15 coup attempt is significant

The July 15 failed coup attempt was one of the critical turning points of Turkish …
  • The Syrian civil war has been a focal point for Turkish foreign policy makers since 2013. The conflict’s spillover effects, including a heightened threat of terrorism and a refugee crisis, have come to define Turkey’s relations with the United States, Russia, NATO and the European Union. Likewise, Turkey’s response to the crisis has lain at the crux of all accusations leveled against the country, from its alleged "axis shift" to Russia to its assumed revival of the neo-Ottoman spirit.
  • Hacire Akar, a mother from Diyarbakır, is the symbol of a new protest movement against the PKK terrorist organization and the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in Turkey. Her 22-year-old son Mehmet was taken to the HDP building in Diyarbakır by some of his "friends." To her dismay, she learned that her son joined the ranks of the PKK.
  • President Erdogan said the US withdrawal from Syria must be planned carefully and with the right partners, and that Ankara was counting on the international community to stand with Turkey in its commitment to eliminating terror in Syria.

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