Kosovo is only a beginning

As Turkey grows in power, its fight against terrorist groups becomes more effective. Above all, …
  • What matters is to establish relations between countries and societies on the grounds of a common future rather than experiences, enmities and prejudices of the past.
  • Turkey can play a complimentary and even crucial role that could actually ease the task of the European Union between Serbia and Kosovo.
  • Resim Yok

    Kosovo’s independence has revealed shifting strategic landscapes, security concerns and domestic developments in regional and international politics with significant implications for all actors in the region. Russia calculated to restore its lost ‘superpower’ status and control Serbia’s strategic oil industries. Turkey’s prompt recognition of independence increased its impact and prevented a stronger Greek-Serb-Russian axis in the region, while strengthening its Western identity.  Kosovo’s independence will be a test case for keeping peace and stability in the Balkans within the new dynamics of regional and international politics.