DHKP-C facing extinction in Turkey

Operation leads to arrest of senior members of terror group, which is trying to become active in Europe with help of PKK

DHKP-C facing extinction in Turkey
YPG is Turkey's red line in Syria Erdoğan to tell

YPG is Turkey's red line in Syria, Erdoğan to tell Trump in Paris

President Erdoğan's visit to Paris for Armistice Day commemorations is expected to see a meeting with his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump, during which key issues, particularly FETÖ and the YPG, will be discussed


Turkey has said it is resolutely committed to clearing the YPG terror threat from northeastern Syria and recently shelled YPG positions along its borders. Experts say Ankara will no longer wait around for the Manbij deal and will take any necessary steps to address the issue

As one of the most controversial debate topics in the elections period, the Kurdish vote has become a hot topic of conversation once again. While the major preferences of Kurdish voters had been between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in the previous elections, it is expected that the competition will come true again between these parties. Nonetheless, it is important to evaluate the main motivations behind the voting preferences of Kurdish people.

Erdoğan's party manifesto is a turning point for the AK Party's vision, which is adjusting to the country's needs and regional and global changes, according to SETA Istanbul General Coordinator Altun

Why did the Lafarge Group strike agreements with DAESH, the YPG, Al-Nusra and other terrorist groups in Syria? Was the French state involved in such agreements? If so, to what extent? How do these incidents impact the Lafarge Group and the French state?

Is US Syria policy like it was in Iraq, Vietnam?

In one of the most debated books in the U.S., "Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of the Nations," Amy Chua, a Yale University professor, wrote about how identity politics abroad is often missed by the U.S. and how this negligence has generated major failures in U.S. foreign policy.

Is US Syria policy like it was in Iraq Vietnam
Erdoğan-Trump phone call and the proposed buffer zone

Erdoğan-Trump phone call and the proposed buffer zone

If Washington reconsiders its YPG policy, it will understand its irrational expectations of Ankara


Turkey's plan to build a wall on the Syrian border ruins the YPG's plans, and that is why it is trying to do its best to prevent the construction of the wall by killing workers

Political parties' debates over their campaigns for the 2019 elections have already started, signaling that 2018 will be very challenging

Ankara's objectives, closely associated with homeland and border security issues, obligated it to take military measures

How can the U.S. guarantee against possible aggression from the YPG to Turkey following the attack?

The potential oppressive environment that the new U.S. administration could create has already gripped Europe. Europe is not in a position to create a concrete response in the face of the Russian threat. In such an environment and due to the negative steps taken against Turkey, it is not possible for Europe to maintain its clout and moral superiority among Turkey's political elite or its public

The Raqqa operation, which is expected to be the next step in the fight against Daesh terrorists in Syria, can achieve success only with the support of legitimate local actors

With the liberation of al-Bab from Daesh terrorists, Turkey has proven once again that Operation Euphrates Shield is the most successful weapon on the ground against the deadly terrorist group in Syria

The first and most significant task of the Trump administration to revive the damaged Turkey-U.S. relations is to take steps to overcome the trust and confidence problems in bilateral relations

Regional actors taking position in the Syrian town of Idlib seems to be changing the balances in the whole region

Putting aside the past crises, Turkish and U.S. leaders should give a start to a fresh new era in bilateral relations

If Trump continues to be manipulated by Obama's advisers to determine his Syria policy, he'll be remembered as a failed U.S. president in the future just like Obama

There is still not an exit strategy and there is still the lack of transparency in the U.S. arrangement with the YPG.

The U.S.'s official support to the Syrian militant group is likely to c ause real tension at the Erdoğan-Trump meeting