Germany: 187 Islamophobic crimes reported in Q3 of 2019

Mosques were directly targeted in 25 cases, says government in answer to parliamentary question

Germany 187 Islamophobic crimes reported in Q3 of 2019
European Islamophobia Report 2018 EIR2018

European Islamophobia Report 2018 | #EIR2018

Publication of the “European Islamophobia Report 2018” on the European week of action against Islamophobia


Ali Erbas, the head of Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate, says racism, xenophobia narrow areas of freedom

The German government's 'secular Islam' project only serves to make the Muslims in Europe become more radicalized, but not more integrated into their society

The escalating violence in French media continues to worsen every day. I am surprised that my fellow citizens are encouraging a possible civil war in France with calmness and serenity, as if it were a normal scenario we should anticipate in the short or long term.

Policies of ‘organizing’, ‘controlling’ and ‘modernizing’ Islam stem from the old colonial discourse that promotes the domestication of the ‘good Arab’

Italy’s security approach to Islam

Italian state’s security and counter-terrorism-oriented approach prevents it from adopting collaborative policies on Islam that do not criminalize Italian Muslims but aim at working with them hand-in-hand toward mutual benefits

Italy s security approach to Islam
Erdoğan's EU referendum

Erdoğan's EU referendum

President Erdogan: “There are many things that we can contribute to the European Union. They may have things to contribute to us but what should be done is, I suppose, to consult with 81 million people [in Turkey] and see what they will decide.”


Turkey and Germany need each other more than ever to address and manage common threats such as trade wars, migration issues and security strategies, to name but a few pressing issues

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently emerged as a revisionist and expansionist state, not only in the Middle East but also in North Africa, the Horn of Africa and even the Balkans.

If Russia and Turkey can make the Idlib deal work, their cooperation in Syria will mean the two countries have crossed a strategic threshold

Talks on Syria have brought Ankara and Moscow closer together, and are helping in developments and collaboration on other bilateral issues such as nuclear energy, natural gas, tourism and trade

By making this new proposal, Macron's goal is to prevent Russian pressure on Europe and keep Turkey in the EU's corner without granting the Turks full membership

In this study, the history of Islamic finance in Turkey is scrutinized by considering its development in the world through present and future projections.

The U.S. administration's anti-Turkey actions have led Ankara to simultaneously end its disagreements with EU countries and deepen its strategic partnership with Moscow

Credibility of US government with a president as 'erratic' as Trump is greatly diminished, says expert

Insight Turkey, one of the leading academic journals in Turkey and the Middle East, discusses the European Union in its final issue.

The war of words between U.S. President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, entered a new stage, as Iran's president, commonly known as a moderate reformist, moved closer to hardliners such as Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and General Qasem Suleimani.

Last week, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan traveled to South Africa to attend the 2018 BRICS summit along with a group of journalists, including myself.

The 10th Summit of the BRICS countries began in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 25. The group includes five emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The BRICS countries comprise 40 percent of the world's population.

Two years have passed since the attempted coup of July 15, which was a serious attack on Turkey's state, society and democracy.