Middle powers should join the global intifada

Although the hegemonic circles such as most Western countries and the leading global financial and …
  • Türkiye has been diligently navigating a highly dynamic foreign policy agenda since Oct. 7. The inception of this process, spurred by Hamas’s Operation Aqsa Flood, has compelled Türkiye to undertake a comprehensive reassessment of its foreign policy strategies and plans in the Middle East.
  • It was Josep Borrell, the European Union’s high representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, who said that a hurricane was brewing in the West. He made that remark in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País where he accused Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission’s president, of assuming a completely pro-Israel stance. Recalling that the EU’s policy toward the Russo-Ukrainian war and Israel’s massacres in Gaza came with a hefty price tag, Borrell predicts a hurricane in the West, warning against the approaching “circle of violence” – a reference to Dante’s Inferno – and urging Europe to wake up.
  • The effect of Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip and tensions in the Middle East were discussed Friday at the Hope or Deception? Imagining a New Ground in the Middle East panel at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum.

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • While international law experts continue to debate this issue, the report published by Yücer Acer unequivocally supports this interpretation. According to the report, Israel not only operates in violation of international law but also perpetrates severe war crimes and genocide against Gazans.

  • What is the importance for the Armenians of the 'Armenian Genocide' allegations? What are the characteristics of the concept of genocide? Is U.S. President Biden’s decision to recognize the 'Armenian Genocide' lawful? Should Turkey continue to take the issue seriously? What is Turkey doing and what more should it do about the issue?

  • History states that the Rohingya represent a distinct ethnic community that has evolved over the centuries in the Rakhine state of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Once, the Rohingya were a predominant feature of socio-political life in the country, yet successive military governments in Myanmar have consistently carried out a well-crafted coordinated campaign of brutal persecution and the dehumanization of the community – presumably with a view to wiping it out entirely.

  • Turkey is working to make the U.N. meaningful and functional despite obstructions. And it should continue in its efforts.

  • The only way to press charges against crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Syria is to take action in the United Nations Security Council.