After escalation in Idlib, what’s next for Turkey-Russia relations?

The Turkish-Russian ceasefire in Syria has run its course, setting the stage for confrontation between Ankara and Moscow if a new buffer to smoothen tensions isn’t achieved.

After escalation in Idlib what s next for Turkey-Russia relations
A Global Battlefield Rising Drone Capabilities of Non-State Armed Groups

A Global Battlefield? Rising Drone Capabilities of Non-State Armed Groups and Terrorist Organizations

This study examines how terrorist organizations use UAV technology by learning from each other and analyzes their adaptation processes.


An important meeting was held between the leaders of Turkey, Iran and Russia in Ankara on Sept. 16. The three actors' positions were close in the last trilateral meeting. The leaders of the three countries agreed on the structure of the constitutional commission and reiterated their commitment to the territorial integrity of Syria. They also supported the idea of reducing the tensions in Idlib province.

Çankaya Palace in Ankara was home to a historic trilateral summit on Monday. The presidents of Turkey, Russia and Iran met for the fifth time in two years to discuss the situation in Idlib, refugees, the most recent developments in northeastern Syria and the proposed constitutional committee.

The U.S. and European actors' indifference in Syria and pressure on Turkey weakens Ankara's position vis-a-vis Moscow in the political deal for Syria

Two meetings took place earlier this week in Warsaw and Sochi that were crucial for the future of the Middle East.

Reflections on the Sochi summit

At the Sochi summit, Erdoğan, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, reiterated their commitment to work together in finding a solution to the Syrian conflict.

Reflections on the Sochi summit
Syrian crisis Turkey's concerns and expectations

Syrian crisis: Turkey's concerns and expectations

The Syrian crisis entered a new phase following Turkish intervention. Turkey has already demonstrated its determination not to negotiate the positions of actors that pose a vital threat to Turkish national security and territorial integrity.


Gulf states, which try to harm Turkey by sanctioning covert operations against it, must wake up to the looming threat of Iranian expansionism without further delay

The year 2018 was extremely tough for both Turkish finance and the economy and prompted a number of still-ongoing ups and downs in many sectors; however, the publishing industry was not one of them..

Turkish authorities are determined to find a sustainable solution to the problem created by the presence of the People's Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria before the war-torn country reaches a permanent political solution.

An American intervention in the ongoing crisis in Venezuela will not solve the problem; it will make the situation in the country worse

Since the planned wide-scale military operation by the Assad regime in July 2018 against the different military factions, Idlib has been the center of the Syrian conflict...

The best option for Washington is to work with Ankara in the withdrawal process, as terrorist groups are fanning the flames in Syria, just as they did in the bloody Manbij suicide attack

President Erdogan said the US withdrawal from Syria must be planned carefully and with the right partners, and that Ankara was counting on the international community to stand with Turkey in its commitment to eliminating terror in Syria.

Ali Erbas, the head of Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate, says racism, xenophobia narrow areas of freedom

In the new Syria, where the U.S. will withdraw and Russia is aware of Turkish security concerns, the YPG terrorists have no option other than to stop dreaming of gaining a legal status

It is true that a dramatic and still unclear transformation is taking place in the world. France is currently facing a mass street uprising not as commonly experienced with left wing activism but this time rightist slogans hit the streets..

People in Western European countries have been on the streets for the last few months demanding something from their respective governments.

Although the protesters' anger is directed against French elitism, we cannot afford to ignore that the ongoing crisis is crucial to the future of Europe and democracies around the world

It is still unclear which superpower – Russia or the U.S. – has better ties with Turkey at the moment, as Ankara is open to working with anyone who respects its national security concerns