The US and Earth: ‘Don’t Look Up,’ ‘Armageddon,’ ‘World War Z’

It has now been almost a decade since scholars, observers and policymakers started discussing the …
  • After almost 17 years, 'Friends' is coming back in a one-off reunion special. Following the announcement of the date of its release, former and current Friends fans made the reunion episode a trend ion social media.
  • Elections and political campaigns have been a productive topic for producers in Hollywood. Numerous movies have been produced focusing on the election battle of the contenders. Some of these movies demonstrate the intricacies and challenges of political campaigns and elections.
  • The pictures of the empty streets in New York City taken during the coronavirus crisis gave a strange feeling to everybody. For those who saw or experienced the traffic jams on the main avenues of the city and the crowdedness of Times Square, the photos were unfamiliar. An odd and bizarre sense of emptiness, a peculiar atmosphere of desolation and at the same time a perplexing and puzzling beauty made millions view these pictures again and again.

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