The future of the MENA region dynamics

There has been heavy diplomatic traffic in the Middle East recently. Over the course of …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • Gulf states, which try to harm Turkey by sanctioning covert operations against it, must wake up to the looming threat of Iranian expansionism without further delay

  • As the international system changes and rising powers challenge U.S. predominance around the world, the direction of Washington's foreign policy will be extremely important in shaping future geopolitics

  • Since the beginning of the Arab uprisings and revolutions in 2011, Turkey has been targeted by Western states because it has been supporting the demands of regional powers and its people.

  • With the start of Arab insurgencies and revolutions, the Middle East has been experiencing a great transformation for the last eight years. The process of change continues in the region, but its direction is still unknown. One thing is clear, the regional balance of power is unstable and there has been a comprehensive reshuffle.

  • The best option for Washington is to work with Ankara in the withdrawal process, as terrorist groups are fanning the flames in Syria, just as they did in the bloody Manbij suicide attack