Türkiye’s position in multipolar world landscape

The debate on Turkish foreign policy’s “axis,” “strategic autonomy” and “normalization” policy was recently revived …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • Türkiye-Greece Summit | Sailing Through Positive Agenda

  • The Israeli attacks and violence against the innocent people of the Gaza Strip including children, women, the elderly and the disabled have been continuing for the last two weeks. On the one hand, it has been bombing indiscriminately not only civilian buildings and homes of ordinary people, but also schools, hospitals and places of worship, targeting of which are generally considered war crimes. On the other hand, confining civilian people to a certain area and depriving them of basic needs such as electricity, water, food, and medical needs also constitute crimes against humanity.

  • The current political climate in Türkiye and Greece, coupled with the shared commitment of political leaders to pursue a positive agenda, presents a crucial opportunity for a more constructive dialogue in Turkish-Greek relations. Having faced the detrimental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, earthquakes, wildfires, economic crises and the adverse repercussions and risks of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as well as the escalating tensions in Gaza, which could impact the entire region, the two neighboring countries should, at the very least, acknowledge the imperative need to address their issues through sincere political dialogue.

  • New geopolitical transformations are taking place in world politics as the inability of international organizations, starting with the United Nations, to promote peace and security encourages all countries to prepare for new solutions, cooperations and rivalries.

  • Panel II: Visions and Means to Manage the Political Incompatibilities of Türkiye and Greece