“African Spring”? or the “Spring of Coups”?: The Meaning of Developments in Africa

The African continent is currently facing a series of major problems and challenges today. Among …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • Deepening Türkiye’s ties with those three Gulf states in trade, defense, technology, communication and security amounts to more than just reciprocal investments. After all, Türkiye has been gaining influence over the balance of power in that region. The country now seeks to form strategic alliances with Riyadh and Abu Dhabi – as it did with Doha several years ago. It is also possible for other Gulf states to become part of that trend.

  • Today, we are living in a systemic transition period in which the world is experiencing an international systemic crisis. Deep uncertainty and instability have been dominating the global system. The rivalry between global powers has been intensifying every day. Unfortunately, there is no established international order and no stable relationship between even members of the same alliance. Most hostilities and friendships are temporary; relations between any two states can change quickly.

  • This report provides a general summary of the roundtable sessions, including the main points of discussion and policy recommendations. Since the Convention was held under the Chatham House rule, the names and affiliations of the speakers are not specified in the report.

  • We hope that this issue presents and provides the verity to its readers through an extensive and rich framing covering important events and developments related to climate change and migration.

  • This issue of Insight Turkey, through off-topic pieces, covers very significant issues related to the changes in the international system, Karabakh War, Gulf rivalry, and developments in the Balkans.