Can US or EU adopt a logical position in Eastern Mediterranean?

Since the emergence of the Eastern Mediterranean crisis, there have been a lot of debates and questions regarding the role of the major powers in the potential resolution of this dispute. After Turkey’s calls for dialogue and diplomacy fell on deaf ears in the early days of the crisis, many assumed that one of the major powers would play the role of mediator for this problem.

Can US or EU adopt a logical position in Eastern
A new chapter in Turkey-EU relations

A new chapter in Turkey-EU relations?

The dangerous escalation in the Eastern Mediterranean has given way to dialogue and negotiations.


The squabble between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and French President Emmanuel Macron continues.

By demonizing the Turkish anti-terror operation in northern Syria, Western countries miscalculate regional balances, damage their interests

The European countries must take a strong position against the cruelty of the Assad regime instead of attacking legal actors, like Erdoğan, if they are sincere to do something for peace in the region

The French labor unions are on the streets of Paris, on the anniversary of the Gezi Park protests in Turkey, protesting President François Hollande's controversial infringements on labor rights