Bullets, distortion of truth and lynchings in Türkiye

Türkiye’s election authority on Friday finalized the list of presidential candidates who will compete in the …
  • The main source of disagreement between Türkiye's government and the opposition relates to which side could govern better. Alternatively, it is about the claim that the opposite side cannot govern properly. As Türkiye inches toward next year’s elections, that theme dominates domestic politics week in and week out.
  • Obviously, the governing party bears responsibility for any action it takes – or does not. What really needs to be discussed is why the opposition cannot represent an alternative despite that baggage. The opposition seems to underestimate its own ability to make new points to target the government, instead fueling fears and concern.
  • Does the opposition, which eagerly blames economic challenges on the presidential system, have a common policy that goes beyond unveiling a handful of shared principles?

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • The Supreme Election Council (YSK) on Wednesday released its justified decision to annul the March 31 mayoral election in Istanbul. Between pages 200 and 212 of the 250-page reasoning, the cancellation of the election is justified on the basis of three key factors.

  • Is the institutional structure sufficiently trustworthy regarding management and supervision of elections in Turkey? What are the regulations introduced by the Election Safety Law and what are their purpose? What does the decision to move and combine ballot boxes mean? Are the criticisms justified?

  • With the oppositional bloc relying mostly on emotions and ideology rather than politics and visionary alliances, they have now found themselves leading toward the elections without a strategy