In a Changing World, Turkey Will Be Among Winners

As the future becomes more and more uncertain, the global political landscape starts to change …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • Turkey is entering a critical turning point in international finance on the eve of major structural reforms in macroeconomic governance, social policy and investment climate.

  • As the electorate goes to the polls for a critical repeat election on Nov. 1, Turkey is longing for the virtuous circle of political and economic stability it became used to between 2002 and 2015.

  • We will observe the unveiling of new political and electoral dynamics in the run up to the elections, but whatever happens on the political scene, resumption of the sense of political stability and predictability will be the key to support brave decisions that the security and economy bureaucracies might be expected to take in the coming days and months.

  • Turkey’s construction, textiles, automotive and appliance companies might benefit from the expected expansion in the Iranian economy, which might accomplish double-digit growth figures in the coming years.

  • The austerity program imposed on Greece as a solution to its deep economic crisis has transformed into a threat to the entire eurozone.