The PKK and the Middle East

Does the PKK, in the context of Turkey’s Kurdish question, intend to lay down its arms under any circumstance?

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  •  SETA PANEL DISCUSSION  Chair:    Talip Kucukcan, SETA   Panelists:   Taha Özhan, SETA, President   Bill Park, Kings College London   Mohammed Ayoob,Michigan State University  Date: October 13, 2011 Thursday  Venue: SETA, Ankara Hall

  • ‘What are the implications for the Palestinian problem?’ and discuss the New Middle East a year after the first flotilla and in the wake of the Arab Spring.

  • Yıldız Technıcal Unıversıty Facult Of Economıcs And Admınıstratıve Scıences Seta 100 Anniversary Of Yildiz Technical University Mıddle East And Securıty-II

  • INSIGHT TURKEY DEBATES   Chair:     İhsan Dağı, Insight Turkey    Speakers:    Kemal Kirişci, Boğaziçi University     Alper Dede, Zirve University      Date: June 2, 2011 Thursday  Saat: 14.00-16.00  Venue: SETA, Ankara

  • Returning to Tunisia after 20 years in exile,the opposition leader Ghannouchi said Turkey provided political inspiration.