Republican candidates grapple with escaping the shadow of Trump

The candidates competing to clinch the Republican Party’s nominee for the 2024 presidential election faced …
  • The American presidential elections are famous for their long and extensive primary process, which takes about one and a half years to complete. During this period, candidates participate in televised debates to present themselves to the public, and after four to five months, different states select their candidates in the primaries. In the 2024 presidential campaign, the Republican Party will hold its first debate in August 2023, followed by debates in September and October. The primary process will begin in January 2024, with Iowa being the first state to hold primaries, and by the end of March, the candidate will likely be determined. The competition between the two parties' candidates will continue until the November 2024 elections, ultimately deciding the next president. Considering the current balance, it is highly likely that Trump and Biden will face each other again in the November 2024 elections.
  • The tradition of not filing lawsuits against former American Presidents, which was maintained until Trump, has now ended, opening the door for future Presidents.
  • Surveys show that Trump has left his mark on the Republican Party and transformed it.

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • Facing charges, arrest, or imprisonment would not prevent Trump from running for president, as a clean record is not required

  • What is the background and significance of the Turkish foreign minister’s visit to Washington? What are the differences and similarities between the two countries’ Ukraine policies? Will the U.S. sell F-16s to Türkiye? What is Türkiye’s position on Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership? What is Washington’s view on Türkiye’s engagement with the Syrian regime?

  • 'The opposition has a democratic right to criticize the Turkish government’s refugee policy. That right, however, should be exercised without poisoning the country’s democratic culture'

  • Washington’s perspective on Ankara is no longer plagued by excessive tensions either. It would seem that the Afghanistan talks and Turkey’s efforts to normalize ties with Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) made a positive impact on the atmosphere. Yet the state of idleness and deadlock, which Erdoğan mentioned, won’t change in the absence of fresh attempts to foster bilateral cooperation.

  • Turkey has been enjoying good relations with three Gulf states – Qatar, Oman and Kuwait – for decades. However, Turkey’s relations with the other three members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) – the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Saudi Arabia – worsened due to their conflicting perspectives toward the Arab insurgencies.