Great Expectations and New Challenges for the West

The future seems almost dark for Western values which are under attack by the revival of racism, populism, Islamphobia and xenephobia in societies

Great Expectations and New Challenges for the West
European Islamophobia Report 2015 EIR

European Islamophobia Report 2015 (EIR)

The national reports in the EIR look at significant incidents and developments in each country during the period under review.


The Russian government started to follow policies that resulted in significant problems and challenges for the Western world and international community in different regions. With the rapid changes in the Middle East following the beginning of the Arab Spring, Russia's foreign policy started to demonstrate signs of a return to its default setting.

American allies, facing a fluid and ambiguous policy from the U.S., hope for a more honest approach with clear-cut objectives from the next administration

Dr. Farid Hafez from the University of Salzburg and Dr. Enes Bayraklı from SETA analyze Islamophobia in Europe vis-a-vis their new annual report, 'European Islamophobia Report 2015'

A new-start discourse in U.S.-Russia relations, which contributed greatly to Obama's victory in the Nov. 4 elections in 2008, is now leaving a bad memory in minds as Obama's last days in office approach.

World Order Tested in the Caucasus

"A momentous day." This is how Russian President Dmitry Medvedev described the decision by the Russian parliament to recognize the independence claims of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Israel Further intensify

Israel: Further intensify!

Today, Israel does exactly the same thing as 2008 and 2012, as the Gaza massacres merely attest to a shallow strategy. It spills blood yet again in Ramadan 2014.


EIR will be authored by leading experts in the field of Islamophobia Studies and/or NGO-activists committed to the documentation of racism in respective nation states.