On Climate Migration Exploring Cases from Türkiye and Beyond

Climate change has become one of the primary drivers of human migration, with many observers …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • For Turkey, as a dynamic, emerging economy, to increase its growth it needs a renewed strategy for investments into the energy market, but this may require changing its current partners in the field.

  • Sadık Ünay, the Economy Director of SETA, had a speech about the experience of Turkey on foreign aid and development cooperation issue at the Conference of Changing Nature of Development Aid.

  • If TANAP and Turkish Stream successfully create the expected synergy, Turkey will become both a regional energy hub and a major player in global energy diplomacy.

  • Erdogan’s presidential victory highlights that despite Turkey’s polarisation over the Kemalist era's legacy – the vast majority see him as the best route towards a modern, prosperous society.

  • It is certain that the character assassination targeting PM Erdoğan through the Gezi Park protests does not expect to reach a conclusion right now. The aim of the character assassination is to obliterate Erdoğan’s decision-making capacity by 2015. At this point, Erdoğan’s leadership test begins.