Türkiye’s Call for International Assistance and the International Community’s Response

Natural disasters, wars, and economic collapse tend to seriously undermine social order and make it impossible to address even people’s most basic needs. During such periods, it becomes difficult for communities to feed themselves, find shelter, receive medical attention, relocate, and communicate with others. Individuals and communities have provided emergency assistance to such individuals, without expecting anything in return, to address basic needs like food, shelter, and medical treatment throughout history.

Türkiye s Call for International Assistance and the International Community
5 Questions COVID-19 Pandemic and Racist Accusations against the Turkish

5 Questions: COVID-19 Pandemic and Racist Accusations against the Turkish Community in Belgium

What is the overall COVID-19 breakdown in Belgium? How has the Turkish community become a scapegoat in the COVID-19 pandemic? What were the reactions against making the Turkish community a scapegoat? How did right-wing populism try to take advantage of the situation? What has been the attitude of the Turkish community in Belgium during the COVID-19 crisis?


When and why was the Ariadna (PKK) investigation launched in Belgium? What is the PKK’s history in Belgium? How was Belgium’s attitude towards the PKK formed? How did the Ariadna investigation proceed and conclude? What are the consequences of the final judgment?

Operation leads to arrest of senior members of terror group, which is trying to become active in Europe with help of PKK

Almost every U.S. president has promised, wished or dreamed of revising and recalibrating Washington's relations with Moscow; however, after entering office and attempting to change the trajectory of the bilateral ties, they quickly discover that the task is easier said than done.

Europe should not wait for Muslims to be burned in gas chambers, Mevlut Cavusoglu says

Enes Bayraklı: "EU not ready to tackle Islamophobia"

Far right discourse about Muslims is normalized in Europe, says Enes Bayrakli

Enes Bayraklı quot EU not ready to tackle Islamophobia quot
A Busy Month of May in Turkey

A Busy Month of May in Turkey

The April 16 constitutional referendum did not lower the tensions in Turkish politics. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will travel to India, Russia, China, Belgium and the U.S. in the coming weeks.


Thanks to the 'yes' result in the constitutional referendum, Turkey is going to negotiate with its foreign allies with renewed confidence in the following days

The Gulenist Terrorist Organisation has an international support network. Unlike IS threats of "lone wolves" and its widespread alienation by the public, Gulenists benefit from a certain level of public legitimacy.

This paper analyzes citizenship rights of migrants and foreigners in Germany in addition to policies of the country toward these social groups by also focusing on political and social transformation in Europe and specifically in Germany.

The threat comes from the European failure to coordinate their security services and share actionable intelligence with their counterparts in different parts of the continent.

The national reports in the EIR look at significant incidents and developments in each country during the period under review.

A recent report by SETA puts forth a detailed profile of steeply rising Islamophobic incidents in 25 European countries as terrorism and Islamophobia trigger each other

Dr. Farid Hafez from the University of Salzburg and Dr. Enes Bayraklı from SETA analyze Islamophobia in Europe vis-a-vis their new annual report, 'European Islamophobia Report 2015'

European double standards that discriminate between terrorist organizations and provide safe homes to some so long as they do not conduct violent activities in Europe should change immediately

The global community needs to stop pointing the finger at transnational terrorism as an excuse for everything and sit at the solution table to find the root cause of this international threat

The HDP made significant progress in the political arena, but it must keep in mind that a toxic mix of violence and cross-national alliances will not secure legal status for their voters.

Turkey’s new seat in the UNSC marks a historic achievement for Turkish foreign policy since 1961. Turkish diplomatic corps around the world and political leaders have lobbied towards this end since 2003.

A new Pew report has brought alarming news: Anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim attitudes are on the rise in Europe. While the negative view of Muslims is higher than that of Jews, there is an interesting correlation between the two.

  SETA PUBLIC LECTURE   By  Adam Luedtke  Assistant Professor, University of Utah Date: May 7, 2008 Wednesday Time: 17.00 – 19.00 Venue: SETA Foundation, Ankara