The War in Ukraine Has Revolutionized Drone Warfare

Modern unmanned aerial vehicles, widely known as drones, have been an indispensable part of warfare …
  • The Century of Türkiye refers to unity politics instead of identity politics; instead of the politics of polarization, the politics of integration; instead of the politics of denial, the politics of embracing; the politics of freedom instead of the politics of domination; the name of substituting the politics of love for the politics of hate, he outlined.
  • In this report in the first section, the emerging unmanned military platforms and smart systems produced by Turkey and their impact on military norms and practices in several conflict areas will be discussed. In the second section, the questions of how these technologies are shaping Turkey’s ties with buyer countries, trends, and competition in the drone market will be answered
  • In termini di conseguenze militari, economiche e politiche, la scommessa ucraina di Putin avrebbe una brutta sconfitta e si trasformerà in un suicidio strategico per Putin e il suo Paese.

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla