After Kirkuk, What's Next?

The neo-medieval order in the Middle East creates brand new challenges for policy makers as national, sub-national and trans-national actors are involved in some of the most sophisticated conflicts simultaneously.

After Kirkuk What's Next
Will Turkey's Cooperation with Iran Last

Will Turkey's Cooperation with Iran Last?

Turkey's cooperation with Iran in Iraq and Syria will likely set new developments in motion across the Middle East


The neo-medievalism in regional geo-politics enforces passing alliances and unlikely groupings in several areas in the Middle East

KRG officials will try to drive a wedge between Turkey and Iran by making the case that they do not pose a threat to Iraq's neighbors

Barzani is likely to discover that he committed an existential mistake when the chain reactions from his drive for independence begin to emerge

In the face of two nationalist waves reaching its shores, Turkey must now take well-thought-out steps.

What Happens Now after the Independence Referendum?

Ankara needs to search for ways to tackle possible regional conflicts that could arise in the post-referendum era

What Happens Now after the Independence Referendum
Barzani's Referendum and Erdoğan's Disappointment

Barzani's Referendum and Erdoğan's Disappointment

By ignoring Turkey's deep concerns about his referendum, Barzani has risked losing Erdoğan's partnership


What are Turkey’s concerns regarding the KRG’s independence move? What leverage does Turkey have on the KRG? What is Turkey’s post-referendum game plan?

KRG leader Barzani might find it difficult to keep his seat whether the referendum takes place on Sept. 25 or not

Turkey's stabilizing role as a functioning democracy and strong market economy will be in higher demand in the coming months

Barzani sees the independence referendum as a political opportunity for the KRG, but at such a conjuncture, it seems to lead a more complicated region

Held in an environment of weak political process, the 2013 local elections were pale in comparison with other elections and specifically reminded of the 2005 local polls boycotted by the Sunni Arab community.

Barzani, particularly for the last month, made his stance against PYD known. Not to mention, Barzani has been seizing on to a deep strategic alliance with Turkey in the recent years.

Taha Özhan: Hosting Massoud Barzani in Diyarbakır is a significant turning point which has a consistent decade-old background history, and we may regard it as an ultimate-point for the state.