What’s really going on in France?

France has been facing violent mass protests in the wake of a recent police shooting. The killing of a 17-year-old boy named Nahel, who was of Algerian descent, by French police in Nanterre on June 27 has sparked outrage among the public. The tragic incident has been viewed as a violation of human rights, prompting widespread protests and riots across several cities in France. The response from the public has gone beyond solely addressing this particular incident, reflecting a broader concern over human rights violations and long-time discrimination faced by individuals of migrant origin, particularly those of African descent and Muslims.

What s really going on in France
World Cup 2022 Massive hypocrisy of the West toward Qatar

World Cup 2022: Massive hypocrisy of the West toward Qatar

Western media outlets and politicians have been trying to discredit Qatar through biased and fabricated claims


In the U.S.'s presidential race, candidates are creating a sense of deja vu with their anti-immigration and anti-Muslim rhetoric, which unfolds the state's chronic domestic problem of discriminations.