From American dream to American nightmare

In his inauguration speech following the resignation of his predecessor President Richard Nixon, former U.S. …
  • A wave of protests has been shaking the United States for the past week. The riots, which started in Minneapolis when a white police officer caused an African American's death by kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes, spread to 25 major cities. As the initially peaceful anti-racist protests took a violent turn, the United States government deployed the National Guard and military units. The media reports, depicting streets on fire, luxury stores being looted and soldiers on the ground, make the U.S. seem like a Middle Eastern or African nation grappling with civil war.
  • U.S. President Donald Trump's use of Twitter has generated a lot of debate since his inauguration. For some, it was an effective use of social media and a way to circumvent the mainstream media to reach his voters and sympathizers directly; however, especially when it comes to foreign policy, it has become a more controversial way of public outreach for a statesman that can complicate the already hectic decision-making mechanism.
  • Last week, once again since 2004 there were rumors about a potential reunion of the characters from the TV show 'Friends' to produce a show together. This it seemed more serious than before as it seemed the characters had agreed to be part of such a project. Even the rumor itself excited the fanbase of the series. On social media Jennifer Aniston's Instagram picture of the six characters together continued this excitement. Of course the realization of such a project is yet to be seen.

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