How Erdoğan’s reaction and Tsipras’ warning coincide

Athens must restore the demilitarized status of the islands without further delay – unless it wants its sovereignty over the Eastern Aegean islands to be called into question.

How Erdoğan s reaction and Tsipras warning coincide
US EU must play effective role in Turkish-Greek ties

US, EU must play effective role in Turkish-Greek ties

If they were more supportive, Washington and Brussels could help Ankara and Athens improve their bilateral initiatives


At a time when Turkey and Greece have had significant disagreements, Tsipras' meeting with Erdoğan can be considered a confidence-building step

Needless to say, Greece stands to lose more than other EU countries if membership talks with Ankara come to an end. And we are not just talking about illegal immigration and terror threats either.

Syriza is a loose coalition of numerous radical leftist movements whereas the AK Party has been a strong and unified political movement constructed around Erdoğan's leadership.

The austerity program imposed on Greece as a solution to its deep economic crisis has transformed into a threat to the entire eurozone.