A 'strategic storm' in Turkey-US relations?

The above-mentioned sanctions marked the beginning of a new era in Turkey-U.S. relations..

A 'strategic storm' in Turkey-US relations
The Helsinki summit's impact on the Middle East

The Helsinki summit's impact on the Middle East

The Helsinki summit between presidents Trump and Putin reaffirmed that Russia, not the United States, is the top dog in Syria


What was the strategic importance of Manbij for the United States, the PKK/PYD, and Turkey? What topics will be covered by the roadmap in Manbij? How sincere is the U.S. with Turkey about its PKK/PYD policy? Will U.S. military activity in Sinjar Mountain jeopardize Manbij Agreement?

The international community and the U.S. fail to be a deterrent to prevent the brutal dictatorship in Damascus from further chemical attacks on civilians in Ghouta

The chaotic divergence in the U.S. administration aside, Washington has no complete policy for Syria

As the number of dead YPG militants increases and Turkish-backed forces advance toward the center of Afrin, there will be a more determined effort to limit and ultimately render Operation Olive Branch unsuccessful

Egypt's forgotten revolution, the future of the Sissi regime

At this point, public opinion in the country is that the Sissi regime must change. It is also raising pressure on Cairo that Western actors, especially the U.S., have signaled that Sissi is dragging the country into greater chaos.

Egypt's forgotten revolution the future of the Sissi regime
Turkey to hit PYD PKK in north Syria Iraq after

Turkey to hit PYD/PKK in north Syria, Iraq after Afrin

Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research experts: Operation Olive Branch meets international law requirments


The U.S.'s approach to the crises in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Palestine since 2010 has been about its experience of the hegemonic crisis.

At the heart of the AK Party leadership’s courage lies their ability to actively and rapidly respond to political circumstances and trends. To be clear, this isn’t just about pragmatism necessitated by facts and needs.

The European Islamophobia Report (EIR) is an annual report, which is presented for the first time for the year of 2015.

According to United Nations records, Rohingyas constitute the most persecuted minority in the world. Their persecution has continued almost uninterrupted for decades.

With or without Obama's policies, it is high time for the Trump administration to do something in the Middle East

The attempt to politically ostracise the tiny emirate is more likely to isolate Riyadh than to bring Qatar to its knees.

What are the weaknesses of the current system of governance in terms of the economy? What will the presidential system bring to the Turkish Economy?

Turkey needs to prepare a road map for the education of refugee children. This is necessary to prevent the emergence of a ghost generation that has no identity, no home and no future.

There is a genocide going on in Aleppo in front of the eyes of the entire world; civilians are being killed indiscriminately, without a care for whether man or woman, child or adult, child, young or old

The EIR documents and analyzes trends in the spread of Islamophobia in various European nation states. Every year on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (21 March), EIR will be published.

The liquidation of the FETÖ not only means getting rid of a terrorist organization, it also means eliminating a handy lever that has a significant response in other initiatives that have been experienced over the past three years.

Turkey was to fall into the hands of the military junta and become one of the unstable countries in the region.

It is almost impossible to defeat the Fethullahçı organisation by just focusing on its institutional infrastructure. It is also absolutely necessary to defeat the movement’s messianic ideology and belief system.