Iraq War after 15 years - part I

The U.S.'s mistakes in Syria resemble those it made in the Iraq War, making the Middle East more complex than ever

Iraq War after 15 years - part I
Moody's love of Fetullah Gülen

Moody's love of Fetullah Gülen

Moody's report, which was probably written with direction from FETÖ, aims to devalue the Turkish lira


France, one of the two founding partners of the EU, lagged behind Germany in the past several years due to problems in its economy, but domestic politics is trying to strengthen its diplomatic posture with its young and visionary president.

The U.S.'s approach to the crises in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Palestine since 2010 has been about its experience of the hegemonic crisis.

The West does not seem to be bothered much about the rising tide of micro-nationalism in the Middle East, which is categorically perceived as an endemic conflict zone

During the G20 Summit in Hamburg, world leaders have to find answers to two important questions: What is the reason behind the damaged relations between member countries and how is the extent of their support to the fight against global terrorism?

Once upon a Time, there was a Superpower Called the U.S.

The recent developments in international politics show us that the U.S. seems to have already lost its superpower statue

Once upon a Time there was a Superpower Called the
Uncertainty of U S Politics Causing Global Tensions

Uncertainty of U.S. Politics Causing Global Tensions

Donald Trump's inability to determine the U.S.'s domestic and foreign policies are causing uncertainty in the global political system


The AK Party has taken sufficient courage from President Erdoğan's return, feeling more confident to renew itself with new reforms for the future of Turkey

The potential oppressive environment that the new U.S. administration could create has already gripped Europe. Europe is not in a position to create a concrete response in the face of the Russian threat. In such an environment and due to the negative steps taken against Turkey, it is not possible for Europe to maintain its clout and moral superiority among Turkey's political elite or its public

There is a message for all in President Erdoğan's criticism of Chancellor Merkel's use of the phrase ‘Islamist terror,' as Muslims are the real victims of the terrorism

Trump administration might herald a new era in which the already existing danger of anti-Muslim extremism in the Western world

Trump ousting Priebus as chief of staff and appointing Kelly is a development showing Trump's efforts to take the upper hand in the White House

Mainstream European politicians have created a new politics of fear of Turkey and Turks in Europe, and at every opportunity, European media helps them

The mistreatment of Kaya and peaceful Turkish protesters by the Dutch police cannot be reduced to a pragmatic polarization between the two countries.

Relations between the Trump team and the media may further sour in the coming days. The international system and regional crises are also not making Trump's job easier.

Trump will focus his time and energy on dismantling Obama's legacy at home and abroad. The question remains whether he, who proved eager to take on the establishment, can overcome the 'institutional' obstacles in his path

The EU countries failed to deal with domestic challenges, and the rise of cultural and moral crises

The reason for the current situation between Turkey and the EU is not the personal approaches of Erdoğan or European politicians. It has more structural reasons

Turkey was to fall into the hands of the military junta and become one of the unstable countries in the region.

The reaction to the U.S. in Turkey is not about the U.S.'s way of life or its values, it is what the U.S. does not do as an ally of Turkey