Is it the end of Turkey-US partnership?

There have been a lot of questions about the future of the Turkish-American partnership for the last few weeks.

Is it the end of Turkey-US partnership
The political economy of the transformation of Islamic finance in

The political economy of the transformation of Islamic finance in Turkey

In this study, the history of Islamic finance in Turkey is scrutinized by considering its development in the world through present and future projections.


Why does this manifesto reflect the anti-Muslim rhetoric that prevails in France?

Erdoğan's party manifesto is a turning point for the AK Party's vision, which is adjusting to the country's needs and regional and global changes, according to SETA Istanbul General Coordinator Altun

The June 24 snap elections gives Turkish people a chance to end Western hegemony in their own bureaucratic system

If the U.S. really wants to withdraw from Syria and stop meddling in Middle Eastern politics, it should start by reconsidering the ideological profiles of major policy makers in Washington

Turkish think tank reveals FETO’s network in UK

Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research report says FETO structure in UK dates back to 1993

Turkish think tank reveals FETO s network in UK
Between pragmatic globalization and trade wars

Between pragmatic globalization and trade wars

While hegemonic transitions tend to occur over long periods, it seems that the friction between neo-protectionism in strategic sectors and the push for all out liberalization will determine the fundamental axis of the ongoing rivalry between China and the U.S.


The U.S.'s approach to the crises in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Palestine since 2010 has been about its experience of the hegemonic crisis.

Deliberate categorizations such as the ‘Fragile Five' constitute part of the soft power mechanism intended to keep global capital away from Turkey and constitute financial pressure on Turkish policy makers

Turkish-U.S. relations are going through neither a structural crisis nor conjectural tension. I think relations are experiencing structural tension.

The AK Party has taken sufficient courage from President Erdoğan's return, feeling more confident to renew itself with new reforms for the future of Turkey

Needless to say, Trump was proven wrong. nor is there any reason to believe that his predictions will turn out to be true any time soon

There is a message for all in President Erdoğan's criticism of Chancellor Merkel's use of the phrase ‘Islamist terror,' as Muslims are the real victims of the terrorism

When it comes to the Middle East, it has been a common occurrence to witness that Western governments occasionally accuse certain countries in the region of breaching fundamental human rights.

Mainstream European politicians have created a new politics of fear of Turkey and Turks in Europe, and at every opportunity, European media helps them

Acting as a stabilizing force in a volatile region requires constant economic and technological prowess

The U.K.'s Brexit episode set a useful precedent for Turkey's future mode of engagement with Europe

Erdoğan's principal messages to African leaders focus on establishing long-term social and economic partnerships on the basis of mutual respect and common benefits through capacity building, entrepreneurship and human development

Despite all the stress and difficulties, the systemic transformation process in Turkey must be worth to endure for a brighter future

'The way of lifestyle is under threat in Turkey' is a discourse produced by some hidden agendas with the aim of creating chaos in Turkish society but nothing more