One Year On: Economic Resistance to July 15

Military interventions that interrupt the normal functioning of democratic regimes and utilize brutal military force …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • We can say that the organization enacted a three-stage plan on the night of July 15.

  • It was a tragic night, it was a fateful night, it was a night that showed so many things about the Turkish people, their bravery, their dedication and commitment to democracy

  • The Gülenist soldiers who attempted this coup fired on civilians and the state's security forces. In the clashes that occurred, dozens of innocent people lost their lives alongside those who attempted the coup

  • An ancient Chinese saying goes “May you live in interesting times” which, could describe the dramatic developments that we witnessed this week concerning two key political figures from Egypt and Turkey, former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and longtime Turkish politician Süleyman Demirel.

  • The continuous military interventions over the last 60 years of Turkish democracy have left a series of different victims of coups. The destructive and bloody aftermath of coups anywhere is always remembered as the darkest days of the countries' histories just as 1980 was one of the darkest years for Turkey