Crisis management and the AK Party congress

Nowadays, all eyes are fixed on the relations between Turkey and the United States. Against the backdrop of tensions, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) celebrated its 17th birthday at an event hosted by the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) on Tuesday.

Crisis management and the AK Party congress
Sanction threats to harm progress in US-Turkey ties'

'Sanction threats to harm progress in US-Turkey ties'

US threats to impose sanctions 'counterproductive and could erase any progress' in two countries' relations, say experts


Sergei Skripal worked as a double agent for Russian and British intelligence agencies and helped to uncover some of Russia's intelligence operations in Europe.

If Egypt is really making an axis shift from its historic ally U.S. to Russia, then Pence's upcoming visit to Cairo will be very important for the future of Washington's Middle East strategies

The West does not seem to be bothered much about the rising tide of micro-nationalism in the Middle East, which is categorically perceived as an endemic conflict zone

Strong economic ties continue to constitute the building block of Turkish-German relations today.

Economist, Mind Your Own Business

Turkish people are really fed up with the stereotyped opposition news against their country by certain Western media outlets such as the recent one by the Economist

Economist Mind Your Own Business
Governing Change a Solution to Deadlock in Politics

Governing Change, a Solution to Deadlock in Politics

Most of the prominent figures in Turkish politics, including former presidents Turgut Özal and Süleyman Demirel, suggested a governmental change in Turkey due to the difficulty in establishing coalition governments in the country.


The analysis will examine the outstanding features of the constitutional design in pursuit of executive presidency in addition to the historical background of the transformation.

While the whole world braces itself for potential surprises to be displayed by the Trump administration, U.S.-China relations will be especially critical from both a global geopolitics and political economy perspective

Egypt's warming toward Russia, Iran and Syria, and its ongoing hostility to Turkey, is fatally undermining relations with Saudi Arabia

We must categorically reject stereotyping that tries to portray Erdoğan as a typical Middle Eastern autocrat and Gülen as a progressive Muslim leader

President Erdoğan once again succinctly criticized global inequalities and mentioned the lack of access to energy in different parts of the world and how this lack brings with it serious crises

A recent report by SETA puts forth a detailed profile of steeply rising Islamophobic incidents in 25 European countries as terrorism and Islamophobia trigger each other

Turkey's ascendancy as a middle power and regional play-maker in the Middle East went pretty well up until 2011 but has faced multifaceted difficulties and challenges afterward, especially in the wake of the escalation of the Syrian civil war.

Female students with headscarf are currently prevented to enter the university in Turkey although there is no legal ground for such a ban. The ongoing controversy about the type of clothing for female students at the higher education institutions has become more intensified since the recent constitutional change in February 2008 to lift the de facto headscarf ban. The debate over this question revolves around whether headscarf is a religious attire or a political symbol, whether it should be banned to protect the secular foundations of the state or conversely allowed on the basis of individual freedom of religion as a corollary of secularism. The solution lies in the implementation of constitutional amendments without a further delay.

Since 1960, nineteen Standby arrangements have been signed. With these agreements, significant progress has been made in Turkish economy: inflation has fallen to the lowest level since 1986, the public debt-to-GNP ratio has been falling, and interest rates have declined rapidly. IMF’s immediate goals concern exchange rate stability and balance of payments, and evaluations of IMF programs tend to concentrate on these two objectives. Yet, whether or not the IMF programs have positive effects on these short-term goals, what ultimately matters is that they induce economic growth and do not concentrate on incomes.

Turkey’s new seat in the UNSC marks a historic achievement for Turkish foreign policy since 1961. Turkish diplomatic corps around the world and political leaders have lobbied towards this end since 2003.