5 Questions: The July 15 Coup Attempt

We can say that the organization enacted a three-stage plan on the night of July 15.

5 Questions The July 15 Coup Attempt
What has the Occupation of Iraq Left Behind

What has the Occupation of Iraq Left Behind?

In the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the strategy that regional forces adopt will determine the future of the occupation in Iraq.


The practice of universal suffrage in Egypt, without limitations on gender and ethnicity, is a hopeful sign for the region.”

The military regime, after having kept its cool during the revolution and the parliamentary elections, went on the offensive right before the presidential elections and intervened in politics.

There is nothing to be hopeful about an election that was produced by a coup d’état orchestrated with the political support provided by the United States, financing by the Gulf and violence by the Baltajis.