Accurately interpreting Turkish foreign policy

Those folks who put on their ideological glasses before looking at Turkey’s foreign policy cannot …
  • Russia wouldn't want to lose face in Tehran despite having bowed to Israeli pressures to limit their support for Bashar Assad and Hezbollah. Willing to do anything to weaken the Assad regime and Iran, Israel openly supports a federal solution.
  • Resim Yok

    Kosovo’s independence has revealed shifting strategic landscapes, security concerns and domestic developments in regional and international politics with significant implications for all actors in the region. Russia calculated to restore its lost ‘superpower’ status and control Serbia’s strategic oil industries. Turkey’s prompt recognition of independence increased its impact and prevented a stronger Greek-Serb-Russian axis in the region, while strengthening its Western identity.  Kosovo’s independence will be a test case for keeping peace and stability in the Balkans within the new dynamics of regional and international politics.