Insight Turkey Publishes Its Latest Issue “Transformation of Turkey’s Defense Industry”

Through a wide range of articles and commentaries, this issue aims to bring to its readers a comprehensive framework on the transformation of Turkey’s Defense Industry and changing patterns of its military strategy.

The summer issue of Insight Turkey aims to explain the changing dynamics of Turkey’s military and defense strategy by taking into consideration current foreign and security policy practices of Turkey in the Middle East and North Africa region.

In the commentaries section of the journal, Hulusi Akar, the Minister of National Defense of Turkey, sheds light on the global and regional developments which contributed to shaping Turkey’s defense strategy while the President of Defense Industry, İsmail Demir, highlights the transformation and rationality of the Turkish Defense Industry. Moreover, Michaël Tanchum analyzes the logical result of Turkey’s post-Cold War strategic reorientation.

Among our off-topic commentaries, Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey, Fahrettin Koca underscores the role of Turkey in the management of COVID-19 and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Yavuz

Selim Kıran, argues that the functional change of Hagia Sophia will not affect Turkey’s centuries-old tradition of promoting peace.

In our research articles section, Murat Yeşiltaş presents a general framework of Turkey’s Military and Defense Strategy. Meanwhile, Can Kasapoğlu’s research article covers Turkey’s defense technological and industrial base and its military policy. Arda Mevlütoğlu, provides us with an understanding of the features of the next generation of air warfare. While Mustafa Kibaroğlu tries to make sense of Turkey’s S-400 choice by assessing the impact of the S-400 deal on Turkey’s defense industries, Merve Seren attempts to show that prioritization of defense spending during the AK Party era is specifically the outcome of a political preference.

In addition to these articles, Khalid el-Awaisi and Cuma Yavuz, Ahmad AlShwawra and Ahmad Almuhtady, Muhammad Haris Bilal Malik and Muhammad Abbas Hassan have enriched our issue with their valuable contributions.

We hope that this issue will be gripping and informative for our readers!

Insight Turkey Publishes Its Latest Issue “Transformation of Turkey’s Defense Industry”

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