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  • The June 24 election is all about the institutionalization of the presidential system and deciding who is best suited to carry Turkey into the future

  • As the captains of global capitalism gather in the serene surroundings of Davos, they have a mammoth task to figure out how to maintain liberalism's international relevance in a world fractured by hegemonic conflicts and extreme ideologies

  • Operation Olive Branch is a more difficult operation in comparison to Operation Euphrates Shield because both Daesh and the YPG are terrorist organizations, but Daesh seemed to be a more legitimate target for the international community, whereas there is difference of opinion concerning the status of the PYD, even among Turkey's NATO allies

  • The rise of institutional economics brought the quality of participatory social and economic institutions to the fore as a crucial prerequisite for sustainable development, as well as an alleviation of income disparities.

  • Regarding Turkey, the U.S. has habitually demonstrated problematical foreign policy decisions, a dismissive attitude and controversial rhetoric.