Erdoğan vs opposition: New constitution, Kurdish question

Addressing Parliament’s opening session on Friday, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on all political parties …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • Turkey, which assumed more responsibility than any other nation when it comes to asylum-seekers, is compelled to engage that question very actively.

  • Five years have passed since the inauspicious coup attempt in Turkey. That fateful night is when the Turkish people took charge of their future, too. Many events will take place this week to tell the epic story of a glorious nation, which stopped tanks with their bare hands.

  • There is no election in sight, but Turkey is already talking about the polls. The opposition, which calls for early elections at every opportunity, is in search of a presidential candidate. There is an ongoing discussion about the first round – whether to settle on a joint candidate or let each party field their own contender.

  • One of the biggest impasses of the Turkish opposition is that it has no plans for the administration, despite its constant efforts to overthrow Erdoğan. At this rate, the opposition will not be able to put a strong candidate against Erdoğan in the 2023 elections

  • Zülfü Livaneli, a leftist intellectual, recently revealed the dilemmas of the Turkish 'left' and claimed that the CHP is not actually a leftist party. It is a mystery why the debate over the former leader of the main opposition did not come to the current party chairperson