Necdet Özçelik

Researcher, Security Research, Ankara
Necdet Özçelik is currently a PhD candidate at Middle East Studies at Ankara Social Science University. He retired from the Turkish Armed Forces in 2014 after serving 21 years. Özçelik completed numerous tours of duty in domestic and foreign operations in Turkey, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan during his service in Turkish Special Forces. He also served at Turkish Armed Forces Attaché Office at Turkish Embassy in Washington, DC, USA. In addition to national military trainings, he also trained at U.S. Army Special Forces at JFK Special Warfare Center and School in USA and NATO International Special Training Center in Germany. He has expertise in irregular warfare and his area of studies covers terrorism, C/T, insurgency, COIN, violent non-state actors and the nature of low intensity conflicts. Özçelik is a research fellow at the SETA Foundation in Ankara and he studies the PKK and other regional terrorist organizations.