Çağatay Özdemir

Researcher, European Studies, İstanbul
Çağatay Özdemir received his undergraduate degree in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Dumlupinar University in 2010 and completed his master's degree in the same department. Özdemir graduated in 2012 and his master thesis was entitled "The Middle East and the Arab Spring, Could Turkey be a Model in the Middle East as a Democratic Country?" Özdemir was a visiting fellow in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Saint Joseph's University, US, in 2013. After returning to Turkey, Özdemir began his doctoral studies in Marmara University at the Department of International Relations in Middle East Institute and in 2018 he graduated with the thesis titled: "Reflections of Obama's Grand Strategy in the Middle East.” Özdemir has published various articles on the US grand strategy, US foreign policy, Israel lobbies’ influence on Turkey-US relations, Turkish foreign policy, Syrian civil war and political structures of Middle Eastern countries.