US-Turkey-Russia Energy Triangle: TurkStream and Biden’s Arrival in the White House

TurkStream remains one of the main projects for Turkey, the LNG trade with the US is expected to continue under Biden Administration.

SETA’s energy analyst, Gloria Shkurti Özdemir, gave an interview for A News regarding the TurkStream pipeline, its importance to Russia and Turkey. Furthermore, Özdemir talked about the arrival of Biden in the White House and possible impacts for the US-Turkey-Russia energy triangle.

Özdemir highlighted the importance of TurkStream for Turkey in terms of its energy security. Additionally, she stated that in the energy sector Turkey has been following a pragmatic policy which during the Trump administration was translated in an increased LNG trade between both states. This cooperation resulted into a win-win situation for both states and a possible trade level may be expected also during the Biden administration. In term of the US sanctions on TurkStream, Özdemir argued that considering that the pipeline that connects Russian and Turkish markets is already completed, Turkey would not be impacted.

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