US Support of YPG Is a Disagreement Point, but There Is Still a Chance for Working Together

Arming of YPG is a wrong decision for the US and deteriorated TR-US relations.

General Coordinator of SETA Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Duran stated that Turkey – US relation is in difficult times and since 2013 there has been a problem of working together between Obama and Erdogan. And Trump’s decision of arming YPG is continuation of Obama’s legacy.

According to Prof. Dr. Duran, there is a determination of two leaders in working together, but arming of YPG is a disagreement point between Turkey and the US.

Prof. Dr. Duran emphasized that in the meeting of US-Turkey delegations, Erdogan clearly underlined that the US is on the wrong way by arming terrorist YPG and one day US will realize that.

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