Western media’s Türkiye coverage in focus as elections loom

Ahead of the May 2023 elections in Türkiye, the Western media launched a campaign to “unite …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • The United States and the European Union had been exploiting the Middle Eastern context to prevent Turkey from following an assertive and autonomous foreign policy. After the changing dynamics in the world and the normalization process in the Middle East, most regional actors, including Turkey, have restructured their foreign relations in order to adjust their relations according to the new balances.

  • Israeli violence sees no limit in Palestine, with Muslims attacked, Islam targeted and international human rights violated

  • Despite all their humanitarian rhetoric, Western countries insistently refrain from participating in the peace process to end the Russia-Ukraine war

  • There is no reason to envy Turkey for actively facilitating the solution of a European dispute or to draw unnecessary parallels. Quite the contrary, the West needs to support Turkish efforts to end this war – which happens to hurt everyone’s interests.

  • Russian invasion of Ukraine has mobilized NATO and the Western alliance, and it is finally creating a new conversation about the future of regional security arrangements